The competitions as usual are a big draw to the festival with over 80 competitors last year, due to the increased numbers and the organised mayem on the morning of registration, this year we urge you to pay in advance and avoid filling in registration for both competitions and workshops.  To avail of this facility please visit Booking Office page.

2.00pm    Harps a Wonder

                (a) Open age

                (b) Five minute medley of Traditional Irish Music

                (c) One compulsory O'Carolan piece must be included

                (d) Group to comprise of three harps

                (e) Harmony and arrangement on the harp to be explored

2.00pm   Under 10: Two Traditional Tunes ​​


2.00pm   10-12: Two Traditional Contrasting Tunes


2.00pm   12-15: One O'Carolan & One Traditional Tune


3.30pm   15-18: One O'Carolan & Two Contrasting Traditional Tunes

3.30pm    Carolan's Choice: Two O'Carolan Tunes (Open Age)



Entry Fees:     Solo Competition €10 per person

                         Harps a Wonder €15 per group


Prizes:         O'Carolan Perpetual Cups & Crystal

                     Harps a Wonder:  First Prize Only

                     Carolan's Choice : €200 Cash - First Prize Only



Rules:        Under 18 competitors as of January 1st, 2020


Competitors must compete only in their own age group.


Remember! Ages are calculated at 1st January in the year of the competition. Eg 'Under 12' does not mean 12 and under.


For example, if you are already 12 on January 1st 2020,  you are not eligible for an 'Under 12' competition  and must choose the next category.


'Harps a Wonder' competition - competitors may only compete once.

Competition Rules